Solar bag is an eco-friendly mobile phone charger, collect power from sun, then converts sunlight into electricity and charging electronic devices such as mobile phone, power bank, camera etc. The backpack is very good for your outing, can put your different gadget inside, make your traveling life so easy and comfortable.

Charging the battery:

1.Charging from the solar panel
Connected the portable battery with solar panel, the battery red led will be lighting, it means solar charging the power battery pack.
The time will be difference according to solar panel power and the strengthen of shunshine

2.Charging from computer or USB AC charger
Connect the USB cable to the computer USB port (or AC USB adapter plug), and plug the Micro-USB tip into the battery input port, then the battery led will become red. The time will be difference base on the battery capacity (For example: Base on ECEEN 10,000mah power battery pack, it need around 8-10hours, base on ECEEN 5,000mah power battery apck, it need around 4-5hours.)

Charging device:
It’s a clean and convenient way to recharge and run your portable toys far away from and power outlet. The system turns solar energy into electricity to charge an integrated battery unit from which you can reacharge your devices day and night.

1.Power bank charge the device
Connected power battery pack and mobile phone or other’s device which need charge, it will charge your device.

2.Solar panel charge the device directly
Connected the solar panel and mobile phone or other’s device under sunshine, it will start to charging your device automatically. (If charge your device direct from sunshine, it need match ECEEN voltage controller, all of ECEEN brand products are with voltage controller, except special noted. )

Background - New to Solar Panels? Read this.
- Perhaps a bit obvious, but super important… a solar panel converts solar energy into a form that is useful for your devices. On a sunny day, you will get more energy than you will on a cloudy day. Additionally, the energy that you can get out of this device will fluctuate depending on shadows, people walking in front of your panel, changes in cloud cover, etc. Also, you need sunlight rather than artificial light. In other words, solar panels don’t generally work indoors.
- Many solar panels are created for a specific voltage. For example, this panel outputs 5Vs and is compatible with many mobile devices (most anything that uses USB to charge). This voltage stays constant assuming there is enough energy to get it to the right level, so you buy a panel that is useful for the devices that you want to recharge.
- Amps is a measure of how quickly electrons are flowing through a circuit. Generally, the higher the amps the faster it will charge. Many mobile devices have 1A or 2.1A chargers. Some devices, like iPhones, have the ability to detect when you plug into something that doesn’t produce enough amps. In Apple’s case, you get a warning that the accessory that you are plugging into may not be supported.
- Due to fluctuations in energy that is provided by the solar panel, it often makes sense to charge a battery rather than directly charging a device. Then, you charge your device with the battery rather than the solar panel. This also is nice so that you can leave the less expensive battery charging at camp or home base while you are out and away for the day.


Q: Is solar bag waterproof?
A: The solar bag is weather resistant which means it will resist the occasional rain or snowed, it is not design for immersion in water.
Q: What’s device can charged with this solar charger?
A: The solar bag output is 5v, so it can charge cell phone, Mp3 players, Tablets, some of digital cameras, etc. other’s 5v device. (Some bags with other’s output may charge more devices, checking the specification below the products.)
Q: How long does it take to fully charge battery pack or mobile phone from empty using?
A: the charging time will be difference base on solar bag power, sunshine and power bank or mobile phone capacity etc.
Generally speaking, for 6.5W solar charger, under clear sunny days, charging iPhone 5, the time is around 2 -3 hours, the charging time similar to AC charger.
Q: How long can I get best performance from the solar bag?
A: You should ensure the solar charger is outside in direct sunlight and that the solar panel is in no way shaded. For best performance, the solar panel should be perpendicular to the sun.
Q: Why is the charging time increased when I used the solar bag behind windows?
A: Some windows might have been tinted with solar film that black infrared/UV light. This will reduce the solar cell efficiency, hence increased the charging time.

Q: Can I charge my devices in cloudy day?
A: Yes, it is ok to charging devices in cloudy day. But the charging efficiency will be lower down .and the charging time will be prolonged.

Q: Can I charge my devices in home lighting?
A: No, The solar bag can't charge device under home lighting.

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