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I really hope more and more people will know solar panel knowledge , When we buy something, we can not only compare about the price, we also need to compare the product design, quality etc.
I always heard people said, If you are ride by bike with one people, you can ride very quick. But if you ride with a team, you can ride further. Do you think so?
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Nowadays running is very popular, but lots of people injuries or even death because of running. Can you attend Marathon competition is really good question. I think below question can help you make best choice.
As an old Chinese saying goes” spring is the greatest time of the year.” Spring is here. Winter weather is dissipating, trees are slowly regaining foliage, and colorful flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s a refreshing and wonderful site. However, the weather is only one of the reasons why you should be thrilled about spring. Let’s check out a handful of the top reasons why spring is the greatest time of the year.
On 2016 March 18th, there is 100KM walking sport in Shenzhen, nearly 60 thousand people attend. Nowadays people pay more attention to do exercise, that’s why so many people attend this. .In fact I also really love walking, I spend nearly 30 minutes to one hour for walking every day it is pity that I can’t attend this because I need to take care of my baby. Lots of friend share their walking experience to me so I write some article for walking man, hope it is helpful.
A good answer might unintentionally appear. I feel so luck to participate in working training of yesterday, it made me wake up. I saw that every people are actively learning, positive work, active life. I think life is more of problems, as long as you have a passion heart for life, with a positive heart to face work, continuous learning in everyday. If we can do these, promise of life and life's dream will all be realized.
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On March 20, in the afternoon, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu' s wedding finally was held as scheduled.
How to travelling with no money ? One of my friend share a travelling story with me, I feel so moved, so I want to write it here. My friend John is very love to travelling all around China , last year during Chinese New Year holiday , he take his wife, his 5 years old son to travelling to Xi An city . On the way to Xi an road, he met one university student Peter , Peter is very polite, he show his students card to John, He explain that he is travelling too. Now he want to back Xi an university school, he want to be John’s car. John agree and take the student together . they have nice chatting all the time, to share all travelling story , beautify scene etc. . After around 5 hours by car, they are arriving to Xi An city finally. They all feel so happy.
How to save climber’s life if they got trapped ? Lost way If you are trapped by lost way , you can used compass or the watch with compass function to help you find way out. If you don’t have take compass or watch , then you can watch the plant or moss ,the leave dense side should be South position. Or you can check the tree rings to identify the direction, rings grain is thin side is the south . other side is the North .
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