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ECEEN ELECTRONIC LIMITED established from 2007, at beginning, we develop and sales the portable solar chargers, the solar panel are below 1watts, and built-in several mAh capacity battery inside, it’s widely used for Nokia cell phones etc. at beginning, it have good sales and earn many bigger companies orders during that time. The battery pack is enough for Nokia cell phones in that time, especial of the solar concept, we have many customer for gifts market.

Cause of the financial crisis during 2008, and the smart cell phones beginning… More and more people are realized that the solar technology characteristics, so the small solar chargers orders cut down year by year.

When we build a product it must be beautiful, modern and useful. So after years of studies and tests we engineered a new way to construct bags. Then we patented it and at the beginning of 2010, ECEEN designs and develop bigger solar panel products on backpacks, it’s have enough space to attached solar panel and generate enough power to charger any kits outside, that’s way is successes.
ECEEN is now a trademark distributed worldwide with its own products or in a co-branded form.

Our patented construction and our dedication to design are the most important components of a successful equation. By adding quality craftsmanship to the attention of little details, we ensure great satisfaction for us and all ECEEN’s customers.

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