Suqamae Solar Chargers Introduction

The Suqamae Solar Chargers is a good companions for outdoor travel and wild adventures, Squamae solar energy should be an indispensable equipment, it power your camping LED lights, mobile phones, digital cameras, PSP, GPS, mp4 players, laptops and other digital Baby provides reliable green power solutions.

Electrical Performance of Suqamae Solar Chargers

Suqamae series output interface is fully upgraded, supports multiple output fast charging protocols, It has dual USB+USB C+DC interfaces, basically compatible most brand of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, mobile power supplies and other energy storage power supply.

supporting PD 24W(Max) and QC 18W(Max) high output, can fast charge all prevailing phones at the same time.

Input Voltage: Working Voltage Range: 8.2V to 32V;
Output voltage: Voltage range: 3V to 20V, the output voltage is automatically adjusted according to the fast charge protocol with wired compensation function:
The Suqamae Solar charger controller is built to provide protection against overcurrent, short-circuiting, overheating, Discharge and overcharging.
DP/DM/CC overvoltage protection DP/DM/CC PIN 30V withstand voltage soft start function, can prevent start The shock and shock current affect the stability of the input power supply.

The features of Squamae Solar Panel

1. Portable: The weight of Squamae30 is only 1.1KG, which is more excellent than regular solar panels. It is suitable for climbing, traveling, cycling or camping.
The figure below is the weight and size of Suqamae series products:
Squamae Solar Panel Charger Packing Information
Item No Watts (W) Net Weight(kg) Net Weight(lb) Foling Size(cm) Foling Size(inch) Open Size(cm) Open Size(inch)
Squamae 20 20 0.77 1.69 33*20*3 13.0*7.9*1.2 46*33*2 18.1*13.0*0.79
Squamae 30 30 1.11 2.45 33*20*4 13.0*7.9*1.6 66*33*2 26.0*13.0*0.79
Squamae 40 40 1.35 2.98 33*20*4.5 13.0*7.9*1.8 86*33*2 33.9*13.0*0.79
Squamae 60 60 2.00 4.41 48*37*3.5 18.9*14.6*1.4 68*47*2 26.8*18.5*0.79
Squamae 90 90 3.01 6.64 48*37*4 18.9*14.6*1.6 113*47*2 44.5*18.5*0.79
Squamae 120 120 4.10 9.04 48*37*4.5 18.9*14.6*1.8 153*47*2 60.2*18.5*0.79

For example: The weight and folded size of Squamae 20 are only 0.77KG and 33*20*3cm, it’s very portable.

2. High-strength and toughness material: ETFE laminated with good light transmittance to ensure that more natural light illuminates the solar cells, which can convert the spectrum into electrical energy; due to the material characteristics of ETFE, the Squamae solar charger is almost undamaged, It is not only anti-scratch and anti-impact, but also can work normally in cold, rain, snow, and windy weather. it can be fixed on uneven surfaces such as backpacks or tents.
3. The magnet is hidden in the bracket and no Velcro. It changes the Velcro to give people an inferior impression. It also avoids the noise generated during tearing.

4. PU leather handle, easy to take and comfortable.
5. Waterproof: The solar panel is made of ETFE material, which is not only fireproof but also waterproof. The fabric o is waterproof also, Durable Oxford with PVC coated, and waterproof zippered pocket, and the circuit board interface is also waterproofed. Generally, there will be no problems to working in light rain.
6. Four anti-rust copper eyelets, convenient to fix the solar panel in tents, cars, hillsides and other application scenarios.