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​​The Suqamae Solar Chargers is a good companions for outdoor travel and wild adventures, Squamae solar energy should be an indispensable equipment, it power your camping LED lights, mobile phones, digital cameras, PSP, GPS, mp4 players, laptops and other digital Baby provides reliable green power solutions.
The Advantages of ETFT Materials
Squamae solar cell module is a technology that joints PV cells together without very little or no gap; sometimes cells are even overlapped. The production technology in which the solar cells are stacked like fish scales. We call this solar panel technical as Squamae.
How to Choose a Backpack and Types of Backpacks
ECEEN have a long term experience on solar bags and solar panel chargers from 2007. Our special creative solar backpack and solar charger make possible to create very flexible and powerful systems to charge your portable devices during all your outdoor activities.
Q: What’s device can charged with this solar charger? A: The solar bag output is 5v, so it can charge cell phone, Mp3 players, Tablets, some of digital cameras, etc. other’s 5v device. (Some bags with other’s output may charge more devices, checking the specification below the products.)
Perhaps a bit obvious, but super important… a solar panel converts solar energy into a form that is useful for your devices. On a sunny day, you will get more energy than you will on a cloudy day. Additionally, the energy that you can get out of this device will fluctuate depending on shadows, people walking in front of your panel, changes in cloud cover, etc. Also, you need sunlight rather than artificial light. In other words, solar panels don’t generally work indoors.
Solar bag is an eco-friendly mobile phone charger, collect power from sun, then converts sunlight into electricity and charging electronic devices such as mobile phone, power bank, camera etc. The backpack is very good for your outing, can put your different gadget inside, make your traveling life so easy and comfortable.
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