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The business show was on last Jun.2019, it’s around 1 year now, the time runs so fast, but that trip give me a deep impression for South Africa, the social, cultural, city & country…. so that I still want to write something and share to ECEEN favors.
ECEEN Waterproof Backpack 20L Dry Bag With Padded Shoulder Straps, Phone Pocket & Bottle & Hiking Stick Holder Perfect for Kayaking Swim Beach Hiking Boat Sailing Camping Fishing
ECEEN 10 Watts solar backpack you shold be need for spring outdoor used. for your walking, hiking, camping, ridding while you need to charge your mobile phone etc device. you can buy it for your husband, kids or your friends when they need a trip!
Happy Easter Day! Enjoy your holiday with sunshine in this Spring.
You may win this solar wall lights free, 2 Packs
US only
20pcs limited!
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2018 New solar backpack for outdoor hiking camping and walking
A happy & sweet girl with her solar backpacks. contact and meet her to request the packs in ECEEN inc. hahaha!😀
Top 10 Best Solar Power Chargers 2017 By TheBestReviewerOn August 12, 2017 In Sports & Outdoors
I am very happy and satisfied today for a trifle of progress in my duty even though only a trifle. I imaged many working conditions, work smoothly, tired, hard. But everything goes well here, tired but with great passion and confidence.
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An amazing day, we crossed a dangerous of coastline in one day!the beautiful place and we can found it in Shenzhen. We are very glad to met our new friends (we called “LV you” for each other) at Xiaomeisha coast, after everyone to introduce myself, we start on foot from there.
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