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Autumn is the best season for travelling.There are family, there are friends, there is loved one accompanied,the travel of autumn is so beautiful!
Backpacking is a way of life.Backingpacking with ECEEN solar charger bag is a fashionable and healthy lifestyle way of life. Enjoy sunshine and ECEEN solar charger bag.
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I gave all five stars for Ken’s service and thanks for Amazon.ca Seller Support Team.
Solar Power is a clean and renewable energy, which could be transferred by solar charger to enable people use it to power a phone or small device when in an emergency or off the grid. So get more tips on choosing the best solar charger for Laptop will be helpful. There are some lists of the best portable solar laptop chargers but since I writing I find more solar kits have come to the market. Here is ECEEN best solar charger for laptop hope you will find you like.
Deborah, from Canada, bought ECEEN 10Watts solar panel charger and 16000mAH battery pack. But he were confused that why 10W solar panel charger can not charge for 16000mAH battery pack. I explained it for him. Because ECEEN 10W solar panel charger is USB output and the output power is too low. It cannot match the battery pack. If you want to use solar panel charger to charge 16000mAH battery pack, ECEEN 26Watts solar panel charger. And I have show the ECEEN 26watts foldable pictures to him, it’s very foldable and so nice design, Then he said “I can't wait to buy ECEEN 26W solar panel charger. “
If do OEM product, ECEEN welcome you! ECEEN is manufacturer, usually we are produce and sell ECEEN design products. But in order to be able to produce unique products for our customers, we are still willing to do OEM products for our customers, If do like this both to increase the diversity of products, but also can improve the customer's market competitiveness.
ECEEN Solar Panel, 10Watts Solar Charger with Unique Zipper Pack Design for iPhone, iPad, iPods, Samsung, Android Smartphones and More (Black)
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Yesterday, I received an email from Gus. He is very interested in ECEEN solar light. He told me that when he pick up his daughter from school (lots of children on bikes). He thought that ECEEN solar light would be a very beneficial safety device for cyclists to hang on their bags & walkers, a red led option / switchable option to give it added versatility, & a reflective surface on the LED side of ECEEN solar light.
On August 12th, 2016 my USA customer Alex visit ECEEN, Alex is very famous in European basketball, he have been play basketball with Yao Ming (very famous basketball sportsman in China).
My First Real Test of the ECEEN 13w I'm very happy with the quality of the panel, and it's a better product than those from competitors costing nearly 3 times as much. The high output panels put out a lot of power for the size, and this panel hangs from a backpack very well with the supplied carabiners. I've already made a couple of minor suggestions for the improvement of the product to the ECEEN staff, and they've responded promptly. I'm quite confident that this panel has enough power when combined with a medium capacity rechargeable battery backup to keep your phone running through a week of overcast weather.Solar Panel Charger
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