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ECEEN has been very focused on higher quality products and better customer service. For this purpose, we constantly strive to send an email to customers after they bought ECEEN products. This email is about following up w to see how ECEEN products been working out. What’s more, we would like to some different opinions from customers regarding ECEEN products.
We'l love to hear from you more!
Your any think are very important for us to improve!
ECEEN Solar Bag is Not Only Used for Hiking Man I feel so happy with his high complement. Also I feel so proud with ECEEN solar backpack. it is green product and it is recycled power for people.
On Amazon Prime Day 12thJuly , ECEEN solar torch sold out 100 pieces and has been a Best Seller in Handheld Flashlights. With the update of people consuming aware today, they increasingly focused on the products of saving energy and environment friendly. ECEEN solar torch, solar charger and solar backpacks just such products. So it is more and more popular with many people.
ECEEN 13W solar charger got a 22743 words review for on Amazon.co.uk
We believe that our solar bags can give Matthew a good start business in Australia market, andcan bring him profits. Looking forward to he receive the goods as soon as possible, and inform us the good news!
ECEEN Solar Panel, 10Watts Solar Charger with Unique Zipper Pack Design for iPhone, iPad, iPods, Samsung, Android Smartphones and More (Black)
Feel free to contact us to get 50% money off code, thanks!
I'd actually also be interested in the backpack I mentioned, so if the offer for a discount is still available, I'd love to buy it and review it. They'll serve different uses (one for shorter hikes, one for longer hikes) and I'd love to own both!
I was really impressed by your torchlight. Very innovative. I often travel to Africa where there is an abundance of sunshine but where electricity is sometimes a problem especially in the rural areas. Do you have any other such innovative solar powered products that can be useful in such a context ? Thanks!
Normally as buyer, we always don't have suitable test machine to test solar panel and solar product. but we can do test under nature sunshine and we do test the charging time and discharging time. I think it is also good way .
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