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The funder of Reveal CEO Terry said they mainly sell electronic products. But ECEEN solar products have a same conception that a connected generation, green powered, environment. And he had focus on ECEEN solar products long time now. so he want to discuss with us and make a idea to develop some of their next generation products with solar power.
On Apr. 15th, The Senior product manager Scott McHugo and Tony Xiong from SunPower Corporation audit ECEEN on last Friday, He said the solar backpacks and solar charger will have big market in North of America and European, and they plan order more items and big qty of the solar charger and backpacks in this year. Last year, SunPower have try some of solar backpacks in European market, and some of the solar backpacks is for their employers gifts of the SunPower year’s celebration.
#1 New Release in solar panels in Amazon sales rank inventory. ECEEN 10Watts Solar panel - With ECEEN brand growing and developing. “The ECEEN Solar Charger External Battery just arrived. The shipping was extremely fast. The charger was packaged well and arrived undamaged. I am looking forward to testing it out! It appears to be a quality made, rugged little solar charger. I hope to do business with you again. Thank- you : - )”
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ECEEN is real solar product manufacturer. Very funny and unbelieveble! ECEEN was established in 2007, have own factory, and have own production team, it is mainly produce solar bag, solar charger, solar panel etc solar product. Why suddenly we are not the manufacturer?
ECEEN WORKING GIRL’S HAPPYNESS What’s your happiness ? Many people ask and think about this question all the time . I look at my colleague ‘s life and also inquiry such question to them too. I think different people their idea and world is difference. But for some point, we are same.
I have a dream, I want have a travel go to Dali Yunnan with my beloved people, I want take a walk in edge of Erhai lake with my beloved people, I want to holding his hands to hear the wind and see the lake, I want with him shuttling in the ancient city, I want to enjoy a meal with him, I want with him to feel the feeling of train through caves then meandering straight, and also I want with him stay on the grass to sunbathe and listen to music, test the feeling of love around. But will you go with me to trip? I want to date you for a trip!
Best quality solar charger bag from ECEEN So happy to heard one of my USA customer ‘s email this week. Thanks so much for your good comments to ECEEN product , we will try our best to develop our product better and better in future. I feel so excited for his good comments to our product, so I want to share this happiness to all of you .
ECEEN Solar Panel, 10Watts Solar Charger with Unique Zipper Pack Design for iPhone, iPad, iPods, Samsung, Android Smartphones and More (Black)
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Today, it is sunny.When the breeze blows, it bringsa heady fragrance. Taking a deep breath, I seem to smell the smell of spring. The weather is so nice. Everyone is in a happy mood. Early in the morning, we are busy with cleaning. Sales department and administration department is in charge for doing cleaning in sample room. When we would have prepared for cleaning, Mrs Yang said” Slower!Do some cleaning in sample room is easy, but there are some tips for you” We are not clear about her meaning. She explained that the notes when do some cleaning in sample room.
Sharing is a great happiness! Sharing, it is a kind of acts of kindness, it can make a positive contribution to your life once you learn to use it; sharing, is a kind of thought, thinking at the same time, we feel happy.
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